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  • Service Itemsmore

    • Color printing Color printing

      Enterprise sample, sample, periodical magazine,

    • Gift bag Gift bag

      Shopping bag, packing bag, handbag, adhesive

    • Packing box Packing box

      Seafood box, fruit box, tissue box, medicine box

    • Color packaging Color packaging

      Special printing, gift packaging, tissue boxes, corrugated boxes

    Product Centermore

    Fives advantageFaster, more efficient, quality and quantity, on time delivery


    Professional design

    We have a group of more than 500P thick book publishing industry for many years experienced designers, professional and comprehensive printing solution

    Advanced equipment

    Uniform color (for the same thickness of the thick sample printing color values have a higher color, we use imported memory with the printing equipment)

    Network printing

    Under the single line + line factory to make printing more convenient, more standard, more transparent price, delivery time.

    Perfect quality

    We passed five prepress strictly for release, will check on the text, images, color printing process; next, each one must go through quality inspection, each procedure has inspection, greatly reducing the risk of printing error rate



    Quality service

    Professional after-sales service one to one service, regular customer visits.

    Advisory hotline:



    cooperation processGrasp every detail, perfect presentation

    about usTo the spirit of craftsmen to do the product to the production management to do business


    Dalian Xin yuan Printing Co., Ltd

          Dalian Xin Yuan Printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991, is a comprehensive printing enterprise. Enterprises through the conversion mechanism, strengthen management and constantly develop new products, in order to enable enterprises to improve market share, the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced equipment and technology.


    Equipment display



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